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How can you suffer hearing loss while on the job?

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers in Minnesota have the right to collect workers’ compensation if they suffer injury or illness while on the job. It’s possible to suffer work-related hearing loss, which can significantly impact your daily life. Here is what you need to know about hearing loss from your occupation.

What can cause workplace hearing loss?

The chief cause of workplace hearing loss is exposure to noise. If you are continuously exposed to loud noises, it can result in hearing loss. Individuals who work in construction, airline maintenance and factory jobs may be more susceptible to hearing loss. Over time, sounds that are too loud can damage the tiny hair cells inside the ears and cause hearing loss. These workers are generally entitled to claim workers’ compensation benefits as a result.

What are the effects of hearing loss?

Hearing loss can drastically change your life. It might be difficult to effectively communicate with others if you have trouble hearing them. Background noises can make it hard to hear others, even if you’re in an environment that isn’t too loud, such as a restaurant that isn’t crowded.

Just as hearing loss can affect your everyday life, it can also affect your ability to work. Many individuals with hearing loss have high unemployment rates as the condition can affect their ability to correctly hear and communicate.

How can workplaces implement preventive measures?

Employers can take preventive measures to avoid the problem of hearing loss in the workplace. If the work involves exposure to loud noises on a regular basis, acoustic barriers can prevent the noise from causing damage to employees’ ears. Protective gear like earplugs can help prevent hearing loss in employees as well. It can also benefit the company as fewer employees may end up filing workers’ compensation claims.

With the right preventive measures in place, the workplace can be safer for employees and lessen the problem of hearing loss.

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