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How can workplace back injuries be prevented?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Employees in all types of workplaces in Minnesota suffer back injuries. As common as these injuries are, there are ways that you can prevent them.

What causes workplace back injuries?

Back pain is common, but it can worsen if not addressed. Many types of workers suffer from back injuries. Whether you’re on your feet all day waiting on tables, providing emergency medical assistance in a hospital or working at a construction site, it’s common to suffer this type of injury. A lot of heavy lifting can cause it.

Repetitive motion is a common cause that leads to workers’ comp claims. Even inactivity from sitting all day can result in back injuries. Poor posture and a lack of ergonomics can cause it.

How to prevent workplace back injuries

It’s possible to prevent back injuries at work with the proper precautions. If you have to do any heavy lifting, check to see whether the load is too heavy for you to lift by yourself. If it’s too much, you need help. Ask a coworker to help you or use a machine to do the lifting.

If you’re able to lift the object alone, make sure that you keep your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your legs instead of your back when picking it up. Your core muscles should be at work to prevent strain.

Keeping proper posture when sitting all day can prevent back injuries. Keep both feet flat on the floor and your spine straight in your chair. Avoid slouching, and make sure that your eyes are in line with your computer to prevent neck strain.

Taking regular stretch breaks can help you alleviate any aching that might be creeping in. You can do this while at a desk or when you’re on your feet all day. Stretch out your core muscles, back, arms and legs to loosen tension and relieve your joints.

You don’t have to suffer from workplace back injuries. Use these tips to prevent them.

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