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Construction work and the fatal four

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

No workplace is entirely safe, and some work environments have tremendous risks. Construction sites and warehouses may find workers constantly dodging hazards. Tragically, even conscientious workers could suffer injuries, some of which could be fatal. Minnesota employees may wish to take extra to avoid the four most potentially dangerous reasons for work fatalities.

OSHA warns about life-threatening risks

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) tries to improve safety in the workplace. The agency has limitations, but OSHA attempts to raise awareness about hazards and dangers. OSHA’s effort to draw attention to the dangers of the fatal four causes of workplace deaths.

Few would feel surprised that people get hurt in workplace falls because such incidents happen so often. Not everyone may realize that falls contribute to deaths. A fall from great heights could leave someone with fatal injuries. So might a slight fall that results in a skull fracture and traumatic brain injury.

Falling objects could result in death, as a tool falling from a third floor might inflict terrible harm. People may suffer severe injuries from getting hit by things that swing or hit them another way.

There are more troubling scenarios. Electrocutions lead to many deaths, and many jobs put people near electrical wires. Caught-between accidents could happen anywhere, and they are less predictable.

Workers’ compensation claims after accidents

A workers’ compensation claim could lead to dependents receiving death benefits when a worker dies on the job. The death benefits may cover some financial troubles in the tragedy’s aftermath.

Workers’ compensation might help someone who suffered a permanent disability. Even short-term workers’ comp benefits could assist someone out of work for a short period. Workers rely on their paychecks, and losing any payments may cause stress. Workers’ comp may provide a solution.

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