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Workers’ comp claims for PTSD

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

People struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder might discover the condition affects them in many areas of life. Employment could be one such area, as PSTD could undermine the ability to go to work and earn a living. If the PTSD is job-related, a sufferer might file a workers’ compensation claim under Minnesota law,

PTSD and employment

PTSD involves someone experiencing a traumatic or frightening situation and suffering from flashbacks, nightmares, high anxiety, depression and other symptoms. Sometimes, someone diagnosed with PTSD might experience triggers that bring forth symptoms.

Workers could experience job-related post-traumatic stress disorder. For example, a first responder who sees someone die might find the experience extremely traumatic, leaving the person to find it challenging to perform the job duties. Minnesota law does not provide workers’ compensation for mental stress that causes mental injuries, although limited exceptions exist for people dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

However, Minnesota law does recognize workers’ compensation claims for mental injuries that derive from physical ones. Someone severely hurt in a job-related accident and subsequently suffers from PTSD might find the workers’ comp statutes more applicable to their situations.

PTSD and workers’ comp

Limited exceptions for post-traumatic stress disorder would likely require a workers’ compensation claimant to provide clear and detailed evidence that supports the claim. If an evaluation meets the criteria, the claim could receive approval. The claimant would then collect workers’ comp to help them financially during the period they cannot work.

Persons who receive a denial for the workers’ compensation claim could appeal the decision. Seeking a hearing with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry to attempt to reverse the original denial.

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