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July 2015 Archives

Understanding spinal cord injuries

Minnesota residents who work in dangerous industrial jobs face serious risks to their safety each day. Industrial accidents can include a factory explosion, falls from scaffolding or another type of manufacturing accident. Workers who endure these incidents can suffer life-altering injuries. Spinal cord injuries, for example, can result from harsh blows to the spine, according to

The four levels of disability for workers’ compensation

Minnesota residents who sustain injuries while on the job that cause them to be unable to work can be in great need for financial assistance. Lost wages coupled with medical expenses can be a drain on you as an individual or your family. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits are available for these situations. Workplace injuries can happen in any type of work and can result in anything from short-term disabilities to permanent lifelong conditions.

What are Minnesota’s workers’ compensation processes?

Every state in the country has its own way of managing workers’ compensation claims. In Minnesota, the program is managed by the state Department of Labor and Industry. The DLI website notes that all employers, with just a few exceptions, are required by law to carry private workers’ compensation insurance or to be approved as self-insured to provide coverage for injured workers when needed.

Construction worker dies in trench dug by brother

It is well known that falls from scaffolding, ladders or other heights are among the biggest risks that face construction employee in Minnesota. However, these are far from the only risks posed to construction workers. An electrical accident, a forklift accident, a defective power tool accident and more can all happen on construction job sites. Upon reporting for duty each day, people in the construction industry are put into situations that can become the scene of a construction site accident.

What should you do when you get an illness at work?

Most in Sauk Rapids clearly understand that if you are injured at work, you need to report the injury in order to initiate a workers compensation claim. Yet what about when your work makes you sick? Certain careers can leave you exposed to illnesses or agents that can cause sickness. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there were close to 200,000 reported cases of occupational illness in 2013. Securing workers compensation for a workplace illness, however, can often be challenging. Please remember that any advice given below should not be viewed as a replacement for actual legal counsel.

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