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Understanding injuries you can claim

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

When you work for an employer in Minnesota, there are a few protections that you expect to have. One of those is workers’ compensation if you’re injured while performing duties associated with your job. It’s important to understand some of the injuries that are covered under this type of insurance before filing a claim so that you’re prepared when meeting with your employer or an attorney.

Coverage under workers’ comp

Most injuries that occur while you’re in your place of employment are covered under workers’ compensation. These include slips and falls, injuries to your hands or injuries to areas of your body as a result of faulty equipment. You can usually file a claim if you’re injured while away from the place of employment as long as you’re still on the clock and you’re performing work for your employer.

Keep in mind that you need to make a report within a specified time frame in order for the claim to be valid. This is something that you can talk to your attorney about as you seek legal counsel about the claim and the possible settlement that you might obtain.

What’s not included

There are some injuries that aren’t included under workers’ compensation. Any kind of pre-existing condition usually isn’t covered. Injuries that you cause yourself typically aren’t covered and could be grounds for a psychiatric evaluation. If you’re injured while committing a crime on the job, then you usually aren’t covered and could even be arrested.

In the event that you’re injured while working on the job, you may want to consult with a workers’ comp attorney. An experienced attorney may work to help you file a workers’ compensation claim and any necessary appeals.

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